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Had a regular floor plan in the 90" with a AFC . applied for rental one in 2016 and got 30,000 credit , they explained me when I signed the contract it would be a $60.00 fee to add it to floor plan plus financing , But they did not explain me that the $60.00 would be also every month + (a 4.25 % per annul financed charge ) Bought only 1 vehicle to see the fees for the first month and second month , every month I have been charge $60.00 for the last 7 month and if I did a early termination I would have to pay $ 240.00 plus finance charge (which I do understand that I have to pay finance charge , no Problem with that .

) it's the 60.00 every month charging in a $2000.00 vehicle I ended up paying like $600.00 on fees .

that is not a 4.25 annul % . this is crooked company ...

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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